LAMDA Lessons

We are pleased to be able to offer your child the opportunity to take LAMDA lessons led by fully trained and experienced LAMDA tutor Carl Bradley. There are two different pathways students can be entered for which are outlined below:

Acting lessons – Tailored for students who wish to develop their acting and performing skillsets

Public Speaking – Tailored for students who wish to develop their confidence in speaking aloud in front of others

Lessons are taught in 30-minute slots with all students accessing one lesson per week. The cost for a 30-minute lesson is £10, and these are paid for in termly instalments at the start of each term. We can also offer shared lessons subject to availability priced at £5 per lesson.

Acting and Speaking in Public lessons take place during the academy day and both students and parents are issued a digital copy of the term’s timetable in advance. They should leave their normal lesson 5 minutes before their LAMDA lesson begins and are responsible for getting themselves to the lesson on time. Students must take responsibility for catching up on any missed learning advised by their class teachers.

All students who work towards Acting or Public Speaking lessons can be entered for a Graded LAMDA examination. Examination entries are not paid for by the school and will incur an additional cost.

For further information or to sign your child up for LAMDA lessons, please contact Mr J Howard (Head of Drama) who will be more than happy to answer any questions or provide further information.