Music Lessons

We are pleased to offer your child the chance to have lessons on an instrument or voice. These lessons are taught by specialist visiting music teachers who are all fully trained and experienced musicians:

Becci Kaznowski – Singing
David Stowell – Brass
Laura Western – Piano, Woodwind and Keyboard
Ben Winn – Drum kit and Percussion
Steve Holmes – Guitar and Bass Guitar
Nicholas Neale – Strings
Ieva Molyte- Piano and Keyboard
Jamie Bardwell- Guitar

Lessons are taught in 20 or 30-minute slots. The cost of a single lesson is currently £19.00 for a 30-minute individual lesson or £12.67 for a 20-minute individual lesson. These lessons are paid termly and you will be sent an invoice for the lessons at the beginning of term from the office. We can also offer shared lessons subject to availability for half the price.

Instrumental and vocal lessons take place during the academy day and students will be issued with a copy of their lesson times electronically in advance. They should leave their timetabled lesson five minutes before their lesson begins and are responsible for getting themselves to the lesson on time. Please be aware that some lessons may run into the break or lunch period. Students must catch up on all work missed as advised by their class teachers. There will be approximately 10 lessons timetabled per term (please note that this will vary depending on the length of each term).

To sign up for music lessons please use this form.

For all enquiries, please contact Miss Riley, Head of Music.