Curriculum Overview

We follow the National Curriculum at Broadland, as we believe it provides a broad, rigorous education for all children. We are proud of the wide range of educational visits and extra-curricular activities which support and extend the taught curriculum, including residential visits to France, Spain, Italy, China, Tanzania (and Derbyshire). You can find more information about regular extra-curricular activities here. Students choose KS4 options during Year 9, which they begin at the start of Year 10. In addition to the traditional subjects students will have studied at Key Stage 3, the current option choices include subjects as diverse as Psychology, Hospitality and Catering and Creative iMedia.

The Ormiston Academies Trust curriculum statement, setting out the trust’s aims and expectations for the curriculum is here.

You can find “Big Picture” overview documents of the content to be covered in each subject during each year below.

Effective home study is vital for successful learning. We support students to develop strong independent study and revision skills from the day they start at Broadland, to help them remember and apply what they have learned in the long term. You can find details of our approach and links to all the Knowledge Organisers here.